Musical Revolution in India

Musical Revolution in India

Music has always been an integral part of the film industry. A movie with good songs and music creates a lot of buzz. Not only this, artists even release their musical albums and single which becomes popular very soon. But music has not been the same from starting. There has been a continuous change in the music industry.

                          The New Musical trend.

Baba Sehgal
Baba Sehgal

Before 1990, there was classical and folk music which was preferred in the industry. It was around 1990’s when pop music was introduced in India. Basically, it is a combination of classical and folk music with music from different parts of the world. Since then, singers like Baba Sehgal, Daler Mehndi, Shaan came in and made some top selling albums. This was the time when Indian music was in a revolution phase.

Hip-Hop in India.

International Villager Album
International Villager Album

Then came the time of hip-hop music in India. Baba Sehgal introduced Hindi rap in the nineties with albums like Thanda Thanda Pani, Dilruba and Dil Dhadke, followed by Bohemia who introduced Rap to Bollywood in the movies like Chandni Chowk to China and 8 x 10 Tasveer. But the trend of hip-hop music came to India in 2011 when Indian Rapper and Singer Yo Yo Honey Singh came with his Punjabi album International Villager which became a huge success and opened the doors for hip-hop music in India. Honey Singh created an urban group known as Mafia Mundeer including Badshah and Raftaar, who later on left and start working independently.

Hip-Hop in Bollywood.

It was a time when Music Producers in Bollywood roped Rap artists for their songs and became a huge success. This exposure to Raps in Bollywood increases the demand for such type of music in the industry. And since then this trend has been in the industry till now. You can generally find at least one or two songs including raps in the movies. Actually, we can say that Raps are an integral part of the music industry right now.

Badshah's O.N.E.
Badshah’s O.N.E.
Zero to Infinity - Raftaar
Zero to Infinity – Raftaar

There is a continuous competition between the artists for producing some great music. In the current time, Honey Singh, Badshah, and Raftaar are ruling the industry in this field. Recently Raftaar came with his album named Zero to Infinity with some highly successful songs. Even Badshah has launched his album named O.N.E. (Original Never Ends) in the previous year whose songs are gaining popularity.

So basically, this revolution of music has positively affected the industry which has led to the introduction of some great and fresh music.

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